Sunday, 26 March 2017

New Colour Family Complete

I have had a great weekend dyeing a fabric sample set.  I had some help with some good friends, so it only took 2 days instead of a month.  I can't reveal the exact process I have used here, but it is a process that I learned last year.

I started out cutting up 343 6.5inch squares from PFD fabric.

Then coded and sent through the dye prices to get them all dyed to the correct colours.  Lots of stirring and stirring.



More Stirring

Stirring ...

More and more Stirring

This process is amazing it is quite a lot of work - but in the end I get a great set of samples that I can reproduce. Using a process of over-dyeing I don't need to dye each square separately it just appears in the last set of dye buckets.

Look colours forming before our eyes. 

Then they just need to be sorted - will need to be ironed and prepared for the next step. 

All set and ordered ready to cut up and place into the book.  Will work on that over the next few days to get it all done.  

Next weekend, I will get some fabric dyed that I will get to use to make into a quilt.  I will post an updated then.   

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