Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Getting caught up on some UFOs

Well, I had my first public sale of fabric at my local guild.  It went really well, the ladies seem to really like my fabric.  Now that that is over and most guilds are on summer break, I am taking this time to catch-up on some UFOs.  Almost two years ago a good friend of mine got married and I wanted to make him and his husband a quilt.  I started it months before their wedding in hopes to get it done before... Well we all know how well that goes.... So today, I finally dug out all the blocks I had completed and tried to figure out what I was doing when I put them away.

The quilt is called Totally Square and is in Kim Schaffer's book Quilts from textured solids.   One thing that bothered me about this quilt was that the final quilt was in its self not square.  I counted up all the blocks I had completed and realized I did many more of each of the first 4 blocks needed, so I decided to stop there and make the top from what I had.  So, the quilt is not exactly as the pattern indicated, I also am adding an extra column to make the final project square.

Here are some of the strips of blocks completed.

One thing, I noticed that I thought I was using a scant 1/4 inch seam, however it seems I was doing a bit larger than 1/4 inch seams - thus, my blocks were not 8.5 inch square.  I decided to cut them all down to 8 inch squares.  To make sure they will go together well. But ended up with a pile of narrow strips of fabric on the sewing room floor.

Tomorrow I will finish putting the top together and will post it.  Then, I will need to get a back for it and get it on my long arm.