Monday, 30 April 2018

here I am again

Well, it seems that every year at this time I decide that I want to update my blog to say - hey I am going to update my blog more regularly.  So here goes another attempt. 

I will be speaking at the Four Corners Quilters' Guild in Mount Forest on Tuesday, May 8th.  I am excited about this opportunity.  I hope to focus my talk on my journey in quilting and sewing an my excitement on getting into dyeing.  I will be bringing many things with me to show and maybe give an insight on how to look at and user colour in a few different ways in quilts.    Understanding chroma and how balancing high and low chroma colours makes for more dynamic quilts.   I will post more once I have finished putting my presentation together. 

I will have to miss the RCQG meeting as it is the same night, however, it should be a good adventure to get out to another guild and see what others are doing.