Wednesday, 13 July 2016

An attempt at a modern quilt

I thought I would make an attempt at a modern quilt - one that uses colours that are a bit bold and a pattern that references traditional quilts, but used in a modern way.   I came up with this block.

I then wanted to only use it twice in a 40 x 40 inch quilt.

I have selected 4 colous of fabric, that I will dye my self - while this pattern is solid colour, it will be dyed using a low water technique that will give the fabric some texture.   This I hope will be a very bold (and dark) baby quilt.  

This weekend, I will dye the fabric for this quilt and will post the results - the binding and backing will all be the dark purple.  I am thinking of calling it something related to an hourglass - maybe The running hourglass,  or even Mangled Geese.

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